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Enrollment Simplification Standards & Protocols

Section 1561 of the Affordable Care Act required the federal Department of Health and Human Services, in consultation with the Health Information Technology (HIT) Policy Committee and the HIT Standards Committee, to develop standards and protocols that facilitate electronic enrollment of individuals in health and human services programs.

The National HIT Enrollment Workgroup, co-chaired by CHCF’s Sam Karp, recently released several recommendations for standards and protocols for enrollment in the Exchange, Medicaid and other health programs in a post-reform world.

The Workgroup made specific recommendations in the following general areas:
Core Data;
Verification Interfaces;
Business Rules;
Transmission of Enrollment Information; and
Privacy & Security

As California embarks on implementing the ACA and as the state applies to be one of five “Early Innovator” grant recipients, these recommendations are a great place to begin addressing the ways we may want a new system of efficient communication and administration to look and function.