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CA Awarded $3.4m in Consumer Grants

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services just announced awards totaling almost $30 million to help states establish or strengthen consumer assistance programs that provide direct services to consumers with questions or concerns regarding their health insurance.

These new grants are intended to allow states to strengthen ongoing efforts in communities to protect consumers from some of the worst insurance industry practices.

Our Share

California will receive $3.4 million of the federal grants. The money will go to the Department of Managed Health Care, which is partnering with Patient Advocate of California to help consumers navigate their health care coverage.

The state plans to use the funds to:

• Collect, monitor and report consumer problems and questions related to health plan enrollment;
• Develop and promote a user-friendly website and toll-free phone number that consumers can use to find answers to their questions about health care coverage;
• Run a statewide media campaign to inform consumers about their rights and responsibilities related to health insurance; and
• Weigh the effectiveness of new consumer assistance initiatives.

For more on the grants our state is applying for and receiving, be sure to bookmark www.healthcare.ca.gov.