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Some Health Bills Succumb to Governor’s Veto

Although signing into law the Exchange Bills and other important health care legislation, yesterday the Governor vetoed a number of health care related bills. These include:

SB 890 (Alquist) which would have reformed the individual insurance market by setting basic benefit levels and classifying health plans into tiers, allowing consumers to better understand their costs and ensure their ability to make apples-to-apples comparisons.

AB 1600 (Beall) which would have required plans to cover the diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses including substance abuse.

AB 2042 (Feuer) which would have limited individual plans and insurers to just one rate hike and plan change per year.

AB 542 (Feuer) which would have prevented Medi-Cal payments for hospital-acquired conditions known as “Never Event” medical errors.

AB 2540 (De La Torre) which would have imposed a fine on insurers for rescinding, canceling, or limiting a policy before issuing the policy or after a claim had been filed.

SB 56 (Alquist) which would have allowed local initiatives and county organized health systems to form joint ventures in order to expand affordable coverage regionally.

AB 113 (Portantino) which would have required most health insurers to cover mammograms.

AB 1825 (De La Torre) would have phased in a requirement for all health plans to cover maternity care.