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Governor’s Health Reform Priorities

At yesterday’s Covering Kids & Families statewide coalition meeting, Sandra Shewry — on a 7-month contract to the Governor’s office to assist with health reform — gave a presentation on the Administration’s priorities during this first year of health reform implementation. Here’s a synopsis:

Governor’s Reform Implementation Priorities
• Access for individuals with pre-existing conditions
• Improving quality and outcomes
• Exchange development
• Workforce development
• Prevention and wellness provisions
• Expansion of public programs
• Renegotiation of the waiver

Governor’s Task Force
• Lead: HHS Secretary Kim Belshe
• Participants: CA Dept. of Health Care Services, CA Dept. of Managed Health Care, CA Dept. of Finance, MRMIB, CA Chief Information Officer, and the CA Workforce Task Force
• Objective: to create a roadmap of decisions that need to be made and when, for the next administration.

The Task Force’s Six Key Actions
• Tracking grants: summary, timeline, entity responsible, opportunity
• Tracking federal guidance
• Creating a website aimed at showing the state’s process in implementation (i.e. “transparency”)-release date: October www.healthcareca.gov
• Stakeholder engagement
• Identify policy papers in the following areas: Exchange, Workforce development, Regulatory environment, Purchaser environment, No wrong door/IT, and State programs post reform

Internal Workgroups
1. Pre-Existing Condition Pool
2. Insurance Market
3. Health Benefits Exchange
4. Public Program Expansion & Delivery System Reform
5. Eligibility & Enrollment Online Portal
6. Prevention & Wellness
7. Strengthening Health Care Workforce