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New High Risk Pool Implementation on Track

The word from MRMIB is that implementation of the new, fully-federally-financed high risk pool is on schedule. One of the first major pieces of health reform and officially called the Preexisting Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP), the pool is intended to provide coverage to approx. 25,000 uninsured California residents who have been denied health insurance because of pre-existing conditions or been offered only unaffordable options.

Last week, MRMIB released a statement announcing that:
(1) it will begin accepting applications for the PCIP in September, and
(2) it has expected premium rates for the PCIP.

How to Apply

California residents who think they may be eligible can officially file applications in September. However, they can request applications NOW by sending their name, address, telephone number & email address to PCIP@mrmib.ca.gov. As of Thursday, almost 4,000 Californians had made such requests.

The Rates

MRMIB also announced the PCIP’s expected premium rates (which will vary based on county and age). For instance, in the Bay Area, premiums will be $140/month for people 15 and younger and $1,000/month for those older than 74. And in San Diego, it will be slightly less… $127/month for those under than 15, and $900/month for those 74+. More details will be released soon.