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Four Weeks Late… and Still Far From A Budget

While most of our state elected officials are on summer recess (this the last week of break before members return to Sacramento), there has been much rhetoric from the Governor and Democratic leaders on the budget… but they still seem miles apart.

Governor Schwarzenegger even hinted that he may have to duck the budget entirely this year and leave the mess for his successor… “If I do not get all of the things that we need… I will not sign a budget, and it could actually drag out until the next governor gets into office,” Schwarzenegger was quoted in yesterday’s L.A. Times.

Senate President Darrell Steinberg said he was “prepared to grant [Schwarzenegger] his wish” if he “continues to insist on granting billions in corporate tax cuts financed by drastic cuts to public education and programs for working mothers and their children.”

While this back-and-forth may just be high-level posturing, the consequences for California’s essential health and other safety net programs are significant and their longevity get increasingly precarious with every passing day…