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Two NEW Waiver Documents

As you know, California’s existing §1115 Medicaid waiver expires on August 31st, and the state is currently in the process of applying for its renewal. In June, DHCS submitted an initial waiver proposal to CMS, and the two entities are currently engaged in negotiations regarding the eventual scope of the waiver and the ultimate financial contribution from the federal government. If all goes well, DHCS will submit a final waiver application no later than September 1st.

To help you better understand the state’s initial 70-page waiver proposal, ITUP has just produced a document entitled Summary, Thoughts, and Analysis that highlights potential opportunities for various stakeholders within the coverage expansion component of the waiver and includes a plethora of ITUP recommendations. Be sure to check it out.

In addition, earlier this month DHCS published a Vision Document that describes how the components of the waiver proposal will help the state make significant strides in implementing health reform, including coverage expansion to the newly eligible Medicaid populations, expansion of Medicaid benefits for new and existing populations, delivery system reform, administration simplification, and payment reform. Also a great read.

Both documents are useful tools to help one make heads-and-tails of the waiver.