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Community-Based Orgs and Health Reform

Do you work for a community-based organization (CBO) that connects community members to prevention and wellness services, coordinates access to health services, and links individuals to coverage?

Did you know that health reform emphasizes local-level efforts aimed at wellness, health promotion, chronic disease prevention, and health care quality in a way that may provide new and enhanced opportunities for service organizations?

The Georgia Health Policy Center recently released an informative, easy-to-ready four page fact sheet that explains health reform’s impact on CBO’s and the myriad opportunities for CBO’s in a post reform world.

In the fact sheet, you will find information on:
• Community Transformation Grants
• Grants to Promote Positive Behaviors and Outcomes
• Chronic Disease Prevention Incentives
• Maternal and Infant Visiting Programs
• Exchange Navigators and Coordinators
• Community Based Care Transition Program
• Community Health Teams
• Community Based Collaborative Care Network Program
• Primary Care Extension Program
• Health Professions Training Program
• Other funding and grant opportunities

If you are a county health administrator, a CBO executive director, a non-profit outreach worker, or anyone else who works “on the ground” to link members of your community to essential health services and programs, you definitely want to read this fact sheet.