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CA Senate Passes High Risk Pool Legislation!

Good news from Sacramento… The Senate just voted on – and narrowly passed! – Assembly Bill 1887 (Villines) and Senate Bill 227 (Alquist).

Now onto Schwarzenegger’s desk… A signature from the Governor is expected since he has publicly expressed support for the new high risk pool. With more than $761 million in new federal money being given to the state to cover tens of thousands of uninsured (and medically uninsurable) Californians, Schwarzenegger recently referred to the new pool as a “win-win opportunity for California.”

With this vote and expected signature, the state will be moving quickly to establish the new pool. Jeanie Esajian, spokesperson for MRMIB (the agency that runs MRMIP and will administer the new pool), was quoted yesterday as saying that “[o]ur plan, if everything goes smoothly, is to begin taking enrollment in August and be open for business in September.”