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Connecticut Expands Medicaid Coverage

Connecticut has become the first state to utilize federal health reform’s option to expand Medicaid eligibility to low-income parents and childless adults. Connecticut estimates that approximately 45,000 new poor adults will be eligible who have household income up to 56% FPL or $6,650 per year for an individual. These individuals will receive full Medicaid benefits, instead of very limited benefits through a state-funded program.

For more on Connecticut, see the HHS press release.

California is also looking to maximize the new federal funds available now to expand coverage. Instead of directly expanding Medi-Cal eligibility, the state is planning to initiate Coverage Initiates (CIs) in every county under our new 1115 Hospital Waiver (under the existing Waiver, there are 10 county CIs). Then, in 2014, the state will transition those covered by the CIs into Medi-Cal.

State legislation to implement California’s new waiver is now in print! SB 208 (Steinberg & Alquist) will be heard in Assembly Health Committee next Tuesday, June 29th. Stay tuned!