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New Waiver Proposal Released

The Department of Health Care Services has just released California’s most recent Section 1115 Waiver Proposal.

Framed as “A Bridge to Reform,” the state intends the waiver to:

(1) Phase-in coverage for the “newly eligible” adults aged 19-64 with incomes up to 133% of the federal poverty level (FPL) who are not otherwise eligible for Medicaid;

(2) Phase-in coverage for adults with incomes between 133 and 200% of poverty, building on California’s county coverage initiatives;

(3) Create more accountable, coordinated systems of care with a focus initially on Seniors and People with Disabilities and those eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare;

(4) Expand the safety net care pool so that it may continue to assure support for its safety net hospitals and other critical programs;

(5) Improve existing service delivery systems that will strengthen the infrastructure and prepare the State for full implementation of reform; and

(6) Pilot payment reforms within the public hospital system that better align payment and care delivery incentives.

For more information on California’s Waiver, read ITUP’s analysis and recommendations and visit the DHCS Waiver Renewal Resource Page.

In addition, DHCS also released their Interim Evaluation Report on the Health Care Coverage Initiative in California under the existing hospital waiver.