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Farewell, Readers!

Dear friends,

Today will be my final posting as the ITUP Policy Director, as I will be heading to UC Davis for medical school in the Fall. I would like to thank everyone who has helped make this blog a success, and I hope that our readers will continue to find it a useful resource in the all-important next few years. Clifford Sarkin, our new Policy Director, will be taking over the blog effective June 1, and I am confident that he will bring it to new heights.

This past year has been one that we in the health policy and advocacy world will remember as a fulfilling and defining victory, though we recognize that there is still much work to be done in cementing reform and bringing coverage to the uninsured. Though I may be leaving my full-time role in policy, I intend to continue to be a vocal advocate for effective implementation of health reform, with the addition of a new medical/clinical perspective. I hope to include the UC Davis community in this effort, while taking advantage of being Sacramento-based (and maybe finding time for a guest blog or two). Please contact the ITUP office if you need my personal contact info, and thank you again for your continued support of Insure the Uninsured Project.

Most sincerely,

Adam Dougherty, MPH