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Overview of the Waiver Implementation Plan

The California Department of Health Care Services recently released its Waiver Implementation Plan, and you can you can read our brief overview here:

ยง1115 Waiver Renewal Implementation Plan: Summary and Suggestions

The Waiver focuses on four high cost populations in order to provide more coordinated and efficient care, including:

1. Seniors and Persons with Disabilities
2. Children with Special Health Care Needs
3. Persons with Behavioral Health Disorders and/or Substance Abuse
4. Dual-Eligible Medicare/Medi-Cal Beneficiaries

The new Waiver also hopes to expand the successful health care coverage initiatives (HCCI) to every willing county in the state. To maximize the benefits (and realize the new revenue) of federal health reform, it is imperative that the waiver builds on successful integrated care models for high-need populations while expanding health coverage to the uninsured, but equally important is the need for counties, managed care, community clinics, public hospitals and other safety net providers to collaborate effectively in order to meet the demands of the post-reform world.

For more information of California’s Waiver, as well as other states’, visit the DHCS Waiver Renewal Resource Page.