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ITUP welcomes Cliff Sarkin as our new Policy Director

ITUP is pleased to announce Clifford Sarkin for our new Policy Director position, effective June 1st. Cliff will establish and develop our new Sacramento office in order to better understand and facilitate implementation of federal reform, while acting as an informational resource and collaborator for our networks in and around the capitol and across the state. We look forward to creating a consistent and reliable presence in Sacramento in order to maximize reform’s effectiveness, with the common goal of expanding coverage to all of California’s uninsured. Details regarding our Sacramento office contact information will be available shortly.

We also recently completed ‘Part Two’ of our reform impacts in California, entitled:

Primary Care and Prevention: Changes Under Federal Reform

The report analyzes effects on community clinics, physician reimbursements, health care education and workforce, and efforts in public health, prevention, and wellness. As always, we welcome any additional comments and questions from individuals in the field.