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Way to Go, Governator!

Apparently responding to ITUP’s call for action, Governor Schwarzenegger wholeheartedly pledged support today for implementing health reform in California. Stepping back from his previous inaccurate claims, he acknowledged that the costs to California are spread over multiple years and all the initial costs are fully federally funded. He also called for the formation of a health care reform task force. Here are a few quotes from the news conference:

“The bottom line is that the plan is not without flaws…but it is a good law. And it is the time for California to move ahead with it, thoughtfully and responsibly…if reform is to succeed, it is up to the states to make it happen.”

“Today a lot of people (are) asking me, ‘Why are you so adamant about health care reform and you are a Republican governor? That’s not a Republican issue. Republicans don’t like it. ‘I say to them, well, the bottom line is I don’t see it as a Republican issue or a Democrat issue,” he said. “I think that everyone needs health care insurance. Everyone needs to be covered. Everyone ought to have access.”

We applaud the Governor’s initiative and look forward to working with him for the remainder of his term to maximize reform’s implementation.