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Gearing up for Implementation

Big news out of HHS today, with the creation of the new Office of Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight. Housed within the Office of the Secretary, the Office will provides leadership for implementing the provisions of the health reform bill that address private health insurance. Within the Office are four separate components, all of which will work with the relevant players in Sacramento and across the state:

Office of Oversight: Responsibilities include implementing and enforcing new rules governing the insurance market and medical loss ratios; performing rate reviews; and issuing rate review grants to states.

Office of Insurance Programs: Responsible for administering temporary high-risk pool programs and associated funding to states and the early retiree reinsurance program.

Office of Consumer Support: Responsibilities include compiling comparative pricing data for the HHS web site; providing consumer assistance with the new health insurance system, and issuing consumer assistance grants to states.

Office of Health Insurance Exchanges: Responsible for developing and implementing policies for state-based exchanges; issuing planning grants to states; and overseeing the operations of exchanges.