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A New Law, A New Blog

In the wake of successful passage of the most comprehensive federal health legislation since Medicare, the focus now comes back to the states for effective implementation. California is in the midst of an unprecedented fiscal crisis, and many state health programs face an uncertain future. For California’s uninsured population and safety net system, it is of the utmost importance to connect the dots between the state budget, program financing, the §1115 waiver, and public-private partnerships as a bridge to full federal reform implementation. This blog will allow our readers to be better informed on all issues regarding reform’s incremental induction, in addition to the latest developments out of Sacramento and from around the state. Stay tuned for regular updates, and as always, your comments and questions are welcomed!

For our first order of business, we have prepared two documents that you may find helpful:

Reform Implementation: High-Risk Pools describes a well-funded, immediate vehicle in the Affordable Care Act to expand coverage to the uninsured, which will soon provide $5 billion for temporary high-risk pools. The paper summarizes California’s current high-risk pool MRMIP and makes recommendations regarding crucial next steps so as to maximize the new funds.

California’s §1115 Waiver and Federal Reform is a slide set describing how the waiver can prepare counties for swift implementation of reform.