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Yesterday, the House passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act by a 219-212 vote, to be signed into law tomorrow. The landmark legislation establishes a fundamental social precedent, putting our country on the path toward a healthier future for all Americans. After nearly 100 years of debate, we finally decided as a society that health care is not merely a privilege of the few, but a right for all.

In the coming days, we have many to thank personally and just cause to celebrate. This moment could not have been achieved without the steadfast leadership of our elected officials and the tireless efforts of countless health advocates. We sincerely thank all of our colleagues, supporters and readers for making coverage of the uninsured a priority in their lives. The law’s passage is truly only the beginning and we are even more motivated to begin the critical process of implementation, looking forward to the day when America’s universal health care system will be the world’s finest.

“Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing…after they have exhausted all other possibilities.” -Winston Churchill