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Useful Resources

We recently compiled a county-by-county comparison on the effects of reform in California, estimating the extent of coverage expansion and subsidies at the county level. Below are the overview and spreadsheet describing our findings:

Before and After Reform: A County by County Comparison (pdf)
County Statistics (xls)

The House Committee on Energy and Commerce released similar district-level comparisons today, which you can scroll through on their website.

A recent UCLA Center for Health Policy Research report found that over 2 million Californians lost their health insurance since the beginning of the recession, an increase of 28% since 2007. According to the report, 8.2 million Californians, nearly one-quarter of the nonelderly, lacked health insurance for all or part of the year in 2009.

Head here and here for some useful tools exhibiting up-to-date whip counts in the House with sortable information on Representatives.