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Informative Links

A number of good links today:

-ITUP Executive Director Lucien Wulsin’s Thinking About the End Game that addresses issues of contention in the Senate

-Senator Gregg’s letter to the GOP on how to stall health reform, including time-consuming motions, full-text reading of bill and amendments, and declaring spontaneous points of order

-Fact Checks showing that Republicans have voted for $1 trillion in Medicare cuts in the House and over $1.5 trillion in the Senate since 1991 (and are now fiercely opposing such cuts in health reform)

-Senator Sheldon Whitehouse citing that the health reform text actually contains fewer words than a Harry Potter novel

-A NYT article on Roosevelt’s crusade for a public power option; government-owned electric plants that “could bring power to those who needed it and serve as a yardstick for measuring and keeping in check the prices charged by private power companies”

Today’s Senate Amendments, need 60 to pass:

-Stabenow amendment to guarantee that surplus created in the CLASS act (long term care insurance) is reinvested back into program passed on 98-0 vote

-Hatch amendment to strip Medicare Advantage cuts to finance reform failed on a 57-43 vote

-Thune amendment to strip CLASS act failed on 51-49 vote