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Obama’s Required Reading

The Atlantic’s Richard Brownstein released a perspective on the state of the Senate bill, which President Obama was reported to have distributed throughout the West Wing. The piece takes a step back, highlighting the major cost-containment strategies that have survived to this point. Though some measures have been scaled back (reduced excise tax, negotiated rates in the public option), many elements critical to long-term growth reduction remain in payment reform and delivery reform.

Though the issue does not receive the attention it deserves (Gruber states it is 10 times more important than the public option, but receives 1/100th the coverage), it is important to realize that most of health reform’s real ‘success’ is based on these mechanisms. The fact that the President has made this required reading in his Administration highlights this fact. Read Brownstein’s article here.

Spotlight on Health Reform postings will resume on Monday, Nov. 30 in time for the first full debate on the Senate floor. Happy Thanksgiving!