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Permalink Counting Down to Friday, Counting Up the Votes

Speaker Pelosi released the Manager’s Amendment last night, which includes some new provisions for the House bill like strengthening antitrust regulation and providing states money to rein in exorbitant premium rate increases. The amendment is highly symbolic, though, as it marks the final amendment to the bill and begins the 72 hour clock to floor debate. Few amendments will be offered on the House floor, meaning a vote could come as early as Friday but will most likely take place on Saturday at 6 p.m.

As far as passage, Speaker Pelosi needs 218 yes votes to send the bill to Conference Committee. After the special elections last night, two additional (and solid) Democrats were added to the ranks in California Representative John Garamendi (who will be pivotal in post reform efforts and just so happens to represent my home town) and New York Representative Bill Owens. This means that Pelosi can lose up to 40 Democrats on the final vote and still pass the bill. There are 51 Blue Dogs in the House and many still have not ‘officially’ signed on, as some Dems are still apprehensive of language in the bill regarding federal funding for abortions. A recent proposal from Brad Ellsworth (D-Ind) that guarantees patients access to “pro-life” insurance plans may just seal the deal.