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More on the CBO

Put together a useful short summary of the CBO’s take on the Finance Committee bill, which you can check out here. As it stands, the co-op idea doesn’t amount to much but the bill still manages to extend coverage to 94% of the population. It also significantly reduces the federal deficit, meaning that more funds can probably go towards improving affordability for individuals (ie premium subsidies). Think of this bill as the conservative ‘floor’ for the final product.

In other intriguing news, sources indicate that Harry Reid may be able to completely bypass the need for a Conference Committee (the joint bill created after separate bills pass the House and Senate) by replacing a House Resolution currently stalled in the Senate with the health reform language. This would conceivably mean that once the Senate passes the bill, the House would only need to pass it once as well to get to the President’s desk. See the in-depth article here.

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