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This is the Status Quo

I imagine that someone you know (or maybe even you) has serious qualms about health reform, be they ideological issues, the timing, worries about the deficit, or maybe the fact that you are an insurance billionaire.

Nevertheless, recent statistics show just how badly a situation inaction has left us in. In California yearly family insurance premiums have risen from $6,227 in 2000 to $13,026 in 2009. That’s a 109.2% increase, almost 4.5 times larger than median wage increases. The employer’s share increased at an even higher rate, nearly 140%. Absent of reform, this number is expected to double again in 10 years, eat up ALL future wage increases, and cost a typical family over $25,000.

We can’t afford NOT to reform the system, and these are the numbers that naysayers and the hesitant need to realize. Not only is it a moral imperative, but it is now truly a fiscal and national security imperative, as well. The status quo is simply unsustainable.

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