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Finance Committee Updates and a Request for Our Readers

The Gang of 6 continued their discussions today, with an official Mark pledged by Friday to be presented to the full Finance Committee for amendments starting next week. The discussions today (and tomorrow with governors) surround the extent of state contributions in Medicaid expansion. As states contribute on average 40% of the programs costs, any expansion will be troublesome to cash-strapped states. Baucus claims that changes to the CHIP program and manufacturer Rx drug rebates will cover most of the costs, projecting that only 10% of costs will fall to states (stay tuned for a more comprehensive analysis of the proposal).

Apparently answering Obama’s call for constructive tort reform, the bill will now provide funds for state demonstration projects to reduce liability lawsuits and may even include a proposal for a ‘certificate of merit’ requirement for all lawsuits.

REQUEST: Do you have a compelling story related to health insurance or other aspects of the health care system?

ITUP is requesting descriptions of personal experiences in dealing with the health care system, both its shortcomings and more promising aspects as a consumer, employer, health care professional, and any other public or private entity. Some of your stories will be posted on this blog in the coming weeks (anonymously if requested). Send your story to adam@itup.org and please try to keep your experience to around 300 words or less.