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ITUP DC Workgroup

We held our first ever Washington, DC workgroup today to discuss the California-specific implications of the federal reform effort. Many thanks to Kaiser Family Foundation for housing this event, which included staff from the House, Senate, Department of Labor, and the Children’s Partnership.

Major findings from the workgroup:

– The large proportion of immigrants give CA a unique landscape in terms of public coverage eligibility, access, and prevention efforts

– The low-income flex workforce (part time, seasonal, migrant) is of particular concern in reform efforts for CA, and proper mechanisms must be implemented to account for affordability, portability and continuity of coverage

– Experiences such as the PacAdvantage purchasing pool show that Exchanges (whether state or national) must operate under the same rules as the market or it will be subject to adverse selection

– Any expansion of public programs like Medicaid must be careful not to increase state spending, as the current budget crisis has drained all general fund resources

Other materials:

CA Overview Presentation

Structural Comparison: CA and USA

Executive Summary of “California and Health Reform” (full paper to be available on ITUP website)