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Reform in a box

Picked up this flowchart courtesy of Nicholas Beaudrot for the visual learners out there. As you can see, insurance reform can be clearly explained in three simple questions. The colored portions of the squares are the projected penetration of the public option, a far cry from the government takeover allegations.

In other news, there was a great article in the San Francisco Chronicle today highlighting the Healthy San Francisco universal health care program that SF residents enjoy. This innovative program is not health insurance, but rather provides guaranteed access to care for the city/county uninsured. The program began in 2007, and now covers costs of nearly 75% of the uninsured through state grants, user fees, and an employer mandate.

The biggest criticism (which is mirrored in federal reform) was that the employer mandate would lead to significant job losses, and even garnered a lawsuit from the Golden Gate Restaurant Association that has now reached the U.S. Supreme Court. Results so far? Not so! A new UC Berkeley study on employment effects completely debunked the idea.