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This four part series examines the upcoming Medicaid Waiver. Section 1 is background on waivers; Section 2 reviews California’s implementation of the Affordable Care Act; Section 3 provides 2012 data on Southern California’s safety nets on the eve of ACA implementation, and Section 4 discusses the 11 key issues brought […] more

Register Now ITUP’s 19th Annual Conference will be held on February 17, 2015 at the Sacramento Convention Center. The Awards and Networking Dinner will follow the conference. REGISTER HERE ITUP’s programs and conference are funded by:   AGENDA February 17, 2015 Conference at the Sacramento Convention Center: This year’s conference […] more

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Solo and small group (fewer than 10) physician practices are an important piece in California’s healthcare landscape. They serve as access points for consumers to receive healthcare services, emphasize relationship-based continuity of care and serve the geographically and socio-economically underserved. More specifically, solo and small group physicians commonly serve ethnically […] more

The Affordable Care Act in many ways represented the triumph of Republican ideas (dating back to President Richard Nixon, Senator Bob Dole and ultimately enacted by Governor Mitt Romney), passed by a narrow margin with Democratic votes only and implemented amidst enormous partisan criticism and unparalleled scrutiny. It was not […] more

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February 24, 2014 Dear Colleagues, It was great to see all of you for this year’s 19th Annual Insure the Uninsured Project Conference. The power point slides, photos and session summaries are being posted for your use at http://itup.org/conference. I wanted to particularly commend a few of the most recent […] more

If you just started preparing your taxes for that refund you were hoping for and you just now learned that there is a tax penalty for not enrolling, you can apply from now until April 30 at Covered California. http://www.coveredca.com/ If your income is less than $16,100 for an individual, […] more